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SWITCH60 LED Light Bulb First Look

Posted by EarthLED News on

SWITCH60 and SWITCH75 Now available and in stock!

SWITCH LED bulbs have been among the most anticipated LED releases in 2012, an exciting year for general replacement LED light bulbs. Today we give you a first look at the SWITCH60, expected to be the most popular of the SWITCH variants.



Packaging for the SWITCH60 does not disappoint. It clearly highlights the beauty of the bulb while protecting it from being damaged during transit all without waste and plastic. It's among the best packaging efforts we have seen from any manufacturer.

Physical Construction & Appearance

When you first hold the SWITCH60 in your hand it feels weighty but of pure quality. Our first impressions were that it felt more like jewelry than utilitarian lighting object.  SWITCH claims they have elevated the lightbulb to art and it shows after you first look at the product.

Up close the bulb is even more intriguing, each individual LED element is carried on a circuit board attached to a central heatsink. All is encased in a glass globe filled with liquid silicone. This is what SWITCH calls their LQD cooling system. 

While not as exotic looking as the original prototype images, this design is likely much more reliable and easier to produce in quantity. 

Lets Turn it On

SWITCH60 turns on instantly and the first thing you notice is a really pleasing warm white color.  It is quite clear that SWITCH has spent much of their efforts to ensure the LEDs selected for the job (CREE) are both bright and of exceptional color.

We tried out the SWITCH60 on our in-house Kil-A-Watt meter and it showed a consumption of 10 watts after running for several minutes. A bit less than the stated specification of 10 watts.


We also ran the SWITCH60 in a fully enclosed fixture, a strong feature of SWITCH LED bulbs and the SWITCH60 ran just slightly warm to the touch. We'll have a more in-depth discussion of just how much cooler it ran compared to traditional LED bulbs very soon.

So there you have it, SWITCH bulbs do exist and they are from all first impressions, indeed worth the wait. You can sign up to receive a notification as soon as the entire family of SWITCH bulbs are available at the EarthLED Store here.

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