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Philips Next Generation 11 Watt A19 First Look Teardown

Posted by EarthLED News on

New Philips 11 Watt A19 Teardown

Despite it's success following the release of the first Energy Star qualified 60 Watt replacement A19 and winning the DOE L-Prize award, Philips has not rested on its laurels. It has continued to innovate at a rapid pace, particularly in the A19 product segment. Much of the criticisms leveled at the L-Prize A19 and AmbientLED A19 stem from it's rather exotic looks due to the use of a yellow or orange colored remote phosphor. Yet, even with this unique look, the Philips AmbientLED A19 has gone on to be one of the best selling LED bulbs on the market. 

With the new 11 Watt A19 (SKU: BC11A19/AMB/2700) Philips has seemingly created an cut price version of its L-Prize for general consumers. Although it consumes 1.5 watts less than the previous version, it emits almost 30 more lumens. Bringing it ever closer to the efficiency of the 10 Watt L-Prize. Most importantly though, Philips has also addressed the major shortcoming of the L-Prize and AmbientLED, their looks.

At first glance, this new Philips A19 is both familiar and a step into the future. It maintains the pear shape of previous Philips A19 while looking much more like a traditional light source. The first glimpse of this new design was actually introduced with Philips color changing/wi-fi controlled HUE bulb.

Yellow and orange external remote phosphors have now been brought inside a frosted glass globe, Philips claims the glass allows for more efficiency and by extension the ability to bring the remote phosphor inside.

Carefully crack the glass open and you will find an array of LEDs covered flexible yellow dome device (the remote phosphor).

The LEDs themselves are royal blue and mounted perpendicular to the base unlike the three chamber design found in the L-Prize and AmbientLED.

Turning the bulb on with the glass globe reveals a very nice warm white glow with the phosphor cap attached... 

and a blindingly bright blue with the cap removed.

The end result is quite impressive as Philips now has a A19 that performs even better than the last iteration whilst looking more traditional to suit buyers who felt put off by the three orange/yellow phosphor chambers. Yet with all these upgrades the product should come to market at roughly the same price as the old version making it a solid choice for those looking to upgrade their 60 watt A19's in the coming year on a budget. Philips will also make a 8 Watt version to replace 40 watt A19s in the same form factor.

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  • I love this bulb! I have two of the 9W 40Watt equivalent bulb. You can not tell the difference in the lighting but you will know you’re saving money on that light bill!

    Toni on

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