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SWITCH100 100 Watt Equivalent LED Bulb First Look

Posted by EarthLED News on

We're pleased to give you a first look at the final production version of SWITCH100 LED llght bulb. The SWITCH100 as its name would suggest is the 100 watt version of the immensely popular SWITCH line of LED light bulbs. Due to be released in March, the SWITCH100 is the perhaps the most highly anticipated LED bulb since the Philips L-Prize launched last April.

The first thing to get out of the way that the SWITCH100 is being launched in a 4000K or neutral white color temperature and clear glass at first. 3000K and frosted versions will be available in the May/June timeframe. While this perhaps limits the initial appeal of the bulb to applications that work better with the neutral color temp, it still does not diminish the achievement of fitting such an enormous amount of light output into a form factor that mimics the appearance of a traditional bulb. SWITCH has stated the primary mission for the first model of the SWITCH100 is primarily for commercial use where a 4000K 100 watt replacement is in high demand. Most of the 100 watt LED replacements are truly behemoths to behold as evidenced by the photo below with the SWITCH100 alongside the Philips 100 Watt replacement:

In keeping with the SWITCH product identification scheme, the green band above the screw base will be used in indicate that this is part of the 100 watt replacement range. A quick glance at the specs shows this is indeed among the elite in terms of light output in a standard A shape size:

EarthLED Total Product Insight
Performance Specifications
Replacement for: A21
Brightness: 1600 lumens
Color Temperature:
4000K (Neutral White)
Color Accuracy (CRI):
Traditional Wattage Equivalent: 100 Watts
Power Consumption: 21 (Clear)
Voltage: 120 Volts
Dimmable: Yes 
Moisture Rating: Damp
Fixture Rating: Fully Enclosed
Base Type: E26
EnergyStar Qualified: No
Dimensions / Additional Data
Bulb Diameter: 2.3 in
Maximum Overall Length: 4.9 in
Product Weight: 10.6 Ounces
Certifications: UL
Product/Order Code: SWITCH100 A21 CL 41K
Lifespan / Cost To Run
Projected Life:
@3 hrs/Day
25,000 Hrs
Yearly Energy Cost:
3 hrs/Day @ .11 kWh
Warranty 5 Years Limited Warranty (Residential), 3 Years (Commercial)

We'll update this page with more action shots soon but here is an initial shot of the SWITCH100 running. As you can see, the color is very white in color which again, is in line with SWITCH's primary commercial mission for this product. However, with that said, this would still be a great replacement for 100 watt incandescents used in household environments where the bright white light works great such as reading lamps or utility or garage locations.

So there you have it, the first shots of a SWITCH100 in production form. You can view our product page for the SWITCH100 here and sign up to be notified when the product is available. Once again, the first launch model will be the 4000K clear with 3000K and frosted versions coming this summer.

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  • Comments very helpful to a novice re LED. "o)

    Saronne on
  • WHile it’s great to see companies still creating products that truly meet the specs they are replacing in a conventional bulb, I’m looking/waiting for dimmable 100+W and in a full spectrum range as I have now. And with everything, the initial run at the high prices is what inflates the price. I don’t need to go LED that quick.

    mark on
  • Scott said: “Agreed. I would pay up to $30 for an LED replacement. So far the Switch bulbs are out of range. Too bad they are concentrating on newer products rather then making the existing ones affordable”

    Actually, they are doing both: “SWITCH Unveils Next Generation LED A-Lamp at LIGHTFAIR
    SWITCH infinia™ available in 40 and 60 watt-equivalent models this summer for under $20”

    LEDAddict on
  • Just got my 100w equiv today.

    The price is in parity w Philips.
    The light is VERY white.
    The bulb is gorgeous in contrast to the Philips alien egg yolk.

    Until Switch produces other temp ranges, if you want yellow go with Philips. If you want white go with Switch.

    If you want an attractive bulb, go with Switch.

    For those who complain about the price. Yes, it is expensive. Yes, it will come down, but people need bulbs today. At least in NYC @ 6hrs/day the bulb will pay for itself in < 2yrs. So, best case scenario… In 2yrs there is a major disruption in the LED market and manufacturers can sell bulbs at 1600+lm in every color of the rainbow for 1/4 the price. I still broke even, got to look at a pretty bit of kit, and supported an important product.

    anath on
  • To the person who said they should have stuck with 2700k.. PFFFTTTT, it’s nice to see somebody producing neutral white instead of urine yellow or 5000k.

    that said, if these guys released these 6 months ago i would have replaced every lightbulb in my house with them. philips beat them to market with the hue so switch lost my business.

    morgan on

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