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New Edison Inspired Definity Professional A19 and GP19 First Look

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It has been nearly two years since we have seen any new A19 models from Lighting Science group but LSG is making up for that in short order with the launch of three totally new forms for their A19 that they have dubbed "Edison inspired". To be sure the design, is a drastic departure from the "diamond/trapezoidal" design language used in their previous Definity A19 V2. A quick comparison of old versus new below:

As you can see, the new Definity is definitely more "bulb" like than ever before. It also signals a shift at LSG from using costly and relatively "heavy" aluminum as a heat sink material. This latest generation uses LSG's new CoolPoly thermal heat sink material. Essentially, it is a thermally conductive plastic. The immediate benefits are clearly felt by picking up the bulb. At only 4.9 onces in the heaviest configuration, these are among the lightest LED bulbs ever made. The obvious goal was to not only replicate the appearance of a standard Edison bulb in shape and size but also in weight as well.

LSG is also moving from a more costly Chip-On-Board (COB) type LED to SMD type LEDs with this iteration of the product. This, combined with the shift to a less costly assembly process has translated into lower costs across the board for the Definity A19's with the lowest cost model coming in below $15. 

New Definity 40 Watt Replacement (Left) Vs. 60 Watt Replacement (Right)

Performance specs are very similar to the previous generation product albeit with a slight increase in efficiency. The 60 watt equivalent uses only 12 watts now while the 40 watt replacements consume 8 watts. We tested all three models and found that despite nearly no light emitting from the top of the bulb the unique optical diffuser on the omni-directional models, performs nearly identical to the old Definity V2 omni meaning that its great omni-directional capabilities are maintained.

The new GP19 form factor is a directional 40 watt comparable A19 similar to the old Definity 19 "snow cone" design. It fortunately now has a plastic lense and is a true featherweight when compared with pretty much any LED bulb on the market. 

LSG will soon roll out its CoolPoly across its entire range of LED lamps including PAR and BR form factors. Stay tuned for a first look at these when they become available.

The New Edison Inspired Definity A19 Family with a traditional Incandescent for Comparison

Overall this update brings the Definity line into 2013 with some very unique selling points and more importantly gives LSG the ability to produce the units at a lower cost and at a faster rate. Indeed, if all goes well, this may be 2013's best selling LED bulb.

You can find our collection of LSG's Edison Inspired A19 bulbs here.

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  • Let’s hope that the time will come soon when manufacturers no longer need to make LED’s look like old Edison bulbs to get customers to buy them.

    Harry Kier on

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