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LED Design Ideas: Upgrade the Look of any Room with Vintage LED Bulbs

Posted by EarthLED News on

Vintage LED Bulbs inside home

While the trend in hanging a collection of exposed-filament, Edison-style bulbs like a gathering of old friends has been around for the past 20 years in restaurant designs, vintage LED bulbs now put a fresh, energy-efficient spin on these uniquely cool, warm lighting ideas. Originally found in edgy urban steampunk hangouts, energy-guzzling versions of Thomas Edison’s 1880s lightbulb provided rich, nostalgic comfort to balance industrial cool with its amber glow. This modern design element staple has maintained its longevity by building a warm, laid-back atmosphere for a relatively low cost, especially in industries where ambiance is as equally as important as what’s for dinner. However, the irony remained that as organic, farm-to-table simplicity gained momentum on the restaurant scene, these incandescent rustic replicas used 5 to 10 times more power than any other bulb. Consider it the equivalent of selling free-range organic eggs and local organic produce out of the back of a Lincoln Navigator.

Vintage LED Bulbs Kitchen

Recent trends in environment-friendly designs and green technologies have found a way to build a better back-to-basics bulb. Vintage LED bulbs maintain atmospheric aesthetics while operating with a mere 2—10 watts, and showcasing a lifespan of greater than 15,000 hours vs. the traditional 500—1000 hours. Innovative LED technology is utilized in these rustic-style filament bulbs, arranging minuscule LED emitters in a linear filament-style design that mimics Edison’s original. Though Mr. Edison had professional glassmakers create the bulbs for his prototypes in a glass-blowing studio in his lab, these energy-friendly replicas can be found in numerous shapes and sizes for use in most exposed lighting sockets.

Vintage LED bulbs bar

And what once was a look reserved for tables at your favorite Victorian Industrial restaurant, has now become an Eco-Friendly interior design movement with widespread appeal. Vintage LED bulbs bring about a versatility which can be used across decorating styles and for multiple purposes. Their gritty industrial look can be used to toughen up a softer interior. Just a few well placed bulbs, either hung solo or grouped collectively, can completely transform the look of any outdated space, giving it a modern edge. The bulbs used as accents can also provide balance with their country charm and old world elegance, evoking a sense of warm familiarity when set against a more modern backdrop. They can elevate steampunk style to the next level, or warm up the atmosphere of a space with more formal elegance. For those into hardcore rustic décor, Vintage LED bulbs are the perfect lighting complement. The bulbs’ signature glow, whether contained in clear or tinted glass, distributes an ombre lighting effect, further enhancing earth-inspired design ideas.

steampunk vintage LED Bulbs fixture

Possibilities are limitless using antique-looking Edison LEDs. Outdoors areas come to life when garlands of the bulbs are strung across terrace or patio. Indoors, multiple bulbs can be hung to add warm, inviting energy to popular gathering places such as kitchen or dining rooms, or any hub of activity in your household. When space is an issue, end tables can be tossed aside in favor of single hanging bulbs, no lamp necessary. Colored wires can also be used to create artistic playfulness, juxtaposing rustic style bulbs against modern details. By swapping out vintage LED bulbs in chandeliers, sconces, socket pendants or nearly any exposed lighting source, these timeless bulbs are a simple way to make a modern upgrade in nearly any space and can take the style of any fixture to the next level.

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  • I am looking to buy G9 LED bulbs when I visit the US in a few weeks. Looking at your site I read:
    G9 bulbs feature two looped prongs spaced 9mm apart and use 120V input.

    Here in Brazil the normal voltage is 127 AC. Do I have a problem?

    zb on
  • Do you make a 48" tube with 75% red leds &25% blue leds for green house use?

    Donald Warner on

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