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Best LED Light Bulbs and Lighting For Bedrooms

LED Lighting for BedroomsIn our bedrooms, most of us want the atmosphere to be relaxed, calm, and peaceful. So what are are the best LED light bulbs for bedrooms? Avoiding blue light waves in the bedroom will keep your circadian rhythm from confusing the light in your bedroom with the natural light outside. This allows your brain to produce the melatonin needed for a comfortable sleep. Are you a nighttime reader? If you have a bedside reading lamp or plan on buying one, soft blue or neutral tones are better for reading specific fixtures. Since the cool-white color creates a high contrast with the page, they are the best LED lighting for bedrooms. We encourage looking into additional LED lighting for home office use as different spaces require different lighting.

Suggested Total Brightness Level - 1,500 to 4,000 Lumens
Color Temperature: 2700-3000K

Shop our hand picked selections for the best LED light bulbs for lighting bedrooms below:


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