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Best Selling A19 LED Light Bulbs

What are A19 Bulbs?

A-Shape or general service bulbs are likely the light bulb we are all most familiar with. Its shape is so ubiquitous that its likely the first form factor you think of when someone says "light bulb". 

A19 LED Replacements

Much of the progress made over the past few years has been focused on developing and perfecting the A19 LED. The opportunity is enormous with over 6 Billion bulbs in service worldwide.

We offer two primary types of A19 LED Light Bulbs, choosing the right type will ensure the best overall experience/performance:

Downlight/Directional Type

  • XLEDIA X Series
  • SunSun 40 Watt

Directional bulbs are perfect for recessed cans or any place where a directional light source is desired. Their 180 Degree and below beam cut off is perfect for this application as no light is wasted. As a result, they can out-perform their omni-directional cousins with less lumens/power consumption.

This greater efficiency however is sacrified when they are used in a table lamp or floor lamp that takes advantage of an Omni-Directional  beam.


  • DesignoLux 360
  • FEIT A19 Omni
  • Sylvania Ultra
  • SUNSUN 60 Watt, 75 Watt Replacements

Omni-Directional LED are a recent innovation. For the first time these bulbs allow for the replacement of incandescent lamps with a similar if not identical beam pattern. Omni-Directional LED Bulbs are perfect for table lamps utilizing a lamp shade. They are however not as effective as directional LED when installed in recessed cans.

Below is our list of the best selling A19 LED Light Bulbs on The EarthLED Store:


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