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DesignoLux 360™ Family

DesignoLux 360™ with Simufilament™ Technology: Performs Like an Incandescent, Only Smarter.

DesignoLux 360™ is the newest innovation in decorative LED light bulbs from EarthLED. Combining an incredibly efficient Simufilament™ light engine based on A/C LED technology with traditional incandescent manufacturing methods, DesignoLux 360 allows for the first time a realistic recreation of traditional filament based light patterns with LED. The result is a lamp that not only looks like traditional incandescent decorative led lighting, but performs like one.
AC LED Technology: Efficiency, Dimmability and Value.
DesignoLux 360™ decorative LED bulbs utilize A/C LEDs which allow for the use of high voltage A/C current to drive the LED. This eliminates the need for an LED driver thus increasing efficiency, lowering power consumption and heat generation and allowing for excellent dimmability. Additionally, since no driver circuit is needed the DesignoLux 360™ series are both incredibly reliable and cost less than any other decorative LED light bulbs on the market.
Traditional Incandescent Form Factors: A Style for Every Occasion.
The EarthLED DesignoLux 360™ family has always redefined style for decorative LED bulbs. DesignoLux 360™ takes it a step further by utilizing traditional incandescent manufacturing methods and form factors. This allows us to make fancy light bulbs and lamps that match your existing incandescent lamps exactly. From candelabra to S14 to A19, we have all your decorative applications covered.


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