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EarthLED GrowLED™ Series LED Grow Lights

EarthLED GrowLED™ LED Grow Lights

Maximize Growth, Minimize kWh.

  • GrowLEDs provide a targeted spectrum, give your plants only the light they can use!
  • Save Up to 90% in energy costs compared High Pressure Sodium, Incandescent or Metal Hallide Lamps.
  • GrowLED Grow Lights are cool to the touch, save on cooling costs, prevent plant damage
  • GrowLED Spotlights into a normal E26/E27 screw fixture allowing you to build an Grow setup for minimal cost
  • No need for reflectors, GrowLEDs are already directional and provide no areas of wasted light
  • The least expensive LED plant grow lights in the world

Introducing GrowLED LED Grow Lights
Do you have an indoor garden and are tired of expensive electricity bills due to inefficient lighting? Have you been looking for an inexpensive LED Grow Light solution but have been unable to find one? EarthLED’s new GrowLED Series ELD Grow Lights are the answer. You can now replace your old, inefficient grow lights with cool running GrowLED LED Grow lights and experience amazing plant growth results without the expense of running traditional grow lights. GrowLED is also the lowest cost LED grow light solution on the market allowing you to construct an effective indoor growing setup with minimal cost.

How do GrowLED LED Grow Lights Work?
Some plants may benefit from an LED full spectrum grow light, but most plants do not effectively use the entire spectrum of light. In fact, internal structures that absorb light inside plants such a chlorophyll and carotene absorb light in the range of two particular wavelengths. Most LED Grow Lights deliver energy that plants need in the exact spectrums that are most effective to induce healthy and consistent plant growth.

The GrowLED system allows you to target individual wavelengths (Blue, Red) or combine both to create the most effective growing environment for your plants.

What types of plants can I grow with GrowLED Grow Lights?

Nearly Everything! Some of the best responders include Tomato, Pepper, Basil, Lettuce, Violets, Orchids, Roses and much more. Food producing plants respond particularly well allowing you to have fresh produce in your house year round at a low cost.


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