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How to Buy: G4 LED Light Bulbs

What are G4 Bulbs?

G4 halogen bulbs are a 12v bulb commonly found in under-cabinet, decorative, task and RV/Camper lighting. Their small size and relatively high output using 12V input makes them a great choice where space is a premium. Unfortunately, halogen bulbs generate a lot of heat and while they only typically consume 20 watts, this can add up quickly in applications such as RV and marine where every bit of energy counts when running off a battery source.

G4 LED Bulb Replacements

Fortunately, LEDs are a great application for G4 halogen replacement. Because most LEDs run natively at 12V this makes their construction relatively easy and low cost. Outputs of up to 20 watts are now possible with LEDs that only consume less that 5 watts.

Buyers purchasing G4 LED bulbs should note that not all LED G4 are dimmable.

We also offer G8 and G9 Halogen Replacements.

We offer a growing selection of LED G4 Bulbs:


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