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LED Light Bulbs Suitable for Enclosed Fixtures

Most LED Bulbs  carry a strong warning about using the bulb in a fully enclosed fixture. EarthLED has partnered with leading manufactures of LED Light Bulbs that can be safely used in enclosed fixtures for both industrial and commercial applications. We are proud to offer a complete selection of LED lighting that is safe to use in fully enclosed fixtures including, jelly jars, explosion proof, shower trims and ceiling mount fixtures.

Omni-Directional Versus Directional LED
When deciding on a LED light bulb suitable for fully enclosed fixtures it is important to decide on what type of light you need. Omni-directional or directional. Choose directional when the bulb is oriented face down or such that all light needs to be directed to a certain area. Choose omni-directional when you need light to go towards all directions to illuminate a fixture or space.

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