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MAGLITE LED Flashlights

EarthLED is proud to offer MAGLiTE - MAG-LED Flashlights at The EarthLED Store.

The MAGLITE LED Technology Story

Anthony Maglica, known for his obsession with precision engineering, craftsmanship and commitment to perfection, was not satisfied with the performance of a "regular" LED as a usable light source. Mr. Maglica set his sights on producing an LED light source that would have the kind of durability, reliability, and performance Maglite® flashlights are known for. With an emphasis on uncompromising performance, MAG-LED™ Technology is the result of that quest.

MAG-LED® Technology

The Next Generation MAG-LED® Technology includes:

• A NEW High Performance LED

• A More Powerful Projecting LED Beam that focuses simply by rotating the head.

• Enhanced Balanced Optics™ - Refining a concept pioneered by Mag Instrument, the “next generation” Mag® LED flashlight combines a newly re-designed reflector with the LED module platform in order to take advantage of significantly higher output intensity.

• Intelligent Energy Source Management - The second generation Mag® LED flashlight includes a sophisticated electronic LED module which continuously monitors the balance between high brightness and efficient power usage allowing for prolonged battery life.

Extended Battery Life- Compared to incandescent flashlights of similar battery count and similar lumen output, the user can expect much improved battery longevity from this “next generation” flashlight.

PLUS: All of the quality features professionals and consumers expect from a Mag® flashlight:
• Rugged, machined aluminum construction with knurled design.
• Anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance.
• Water and shock resistant.

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