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New Edison Inspired Definity Professional A19 and GP19 LED Lamp Series

LSG announces the launch of a revolutionary "Edison inspired" A19 and GP19 LED lamp as a direct replacement for traditional general purpose lighting. Created with the most advanced thermal materials available, these lamps are unmistakably lighter and more efficient, while less expensive, than ever before. These LED-optimized lamps truly replicate the form, weight and function of the incandescent Edison-shaped bulb that is most familiar to residential consumers and professionals alike.

The Definity Professional A19 LED lamp achieves superior performance with up to 71lm/w and is easily dimmable down to 5%. Performance is achieved with a reduction in raw materials and an innovative heat sink design comprised of advanced CoolPoly® material resulting in superior thermal management with lighter weight.

Likewise, the Definity Professional GP19 LED lamp utilizes lightweight aluminum and cutting-edge design to optimize the performance and aesthetics. The GP19 LED lamp achieves ENERGY STAR equivalency performance comparable to a 40W lamp with the increased efficiency and life that can only be provided by LED technology. The GP19 Led lamp also tops 80 lm/w and is also down to 5%.

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