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SWITCH LED Dimmer Compatibility List

SWITCH LED bulbs set the standard for dimmer compatibility and dimming performance

SWITCH Lighting products are designed to work with a variety of lighting controls used in the market today, from standard residential devices to low voltage electronic dimmers to more sophisticated lighting systems. We test and evaluate dimmers from the major lighting controls companies on an ongoing basis and determine which of them operates best with our bulbs. In addition, SWITCH partners with these companies in an effort to continually improve the compatibility of our SWITCH LED bulbs with their available dimmers.

Here is the current dimmer compatibility list of the most recommended dimming devices to use with SWITCH LED bulbs. There are many other dimmers in the market which may work very well with our bulbs, and we are testing and validating these on an ongoing basis so we can add them to the list. Also, some dimmers will operate differently with our products, depending on the amount of power and number of lights on the electrical circuit. If you need further assistance regarding dimmer compatibility, please contact our Customer Service team. SWITCH Lighting works great for hospitality LED lighting and as restaurant light bulbs.


  • Leviton 6633-PL
  • Leviton 6613-PL
  • Leviton 6674-10
  • Leviton IPL06-10
  • Leviton 6615-P0W
  • Leviton VRE06
  • Leviton VPE04
  • Leviton 6161
  • Lutron NLV-1000
  • Lutron RRD-10ND
  • Lutron RRD-3LD
  • Lutron RRD-3PD
  • Lutron MRF-6ND
  • Lutron HQRD-6ND
  • Lutron HQRD-10ND
  • Lutron HQRD-6NA
  • Lutron HQR-3LD
  • Lutron HQR-3PD
  • Lutron SZ-6ND
  • Lutron MRF2-3LD
  • Lutron MRF2-3PD


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