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Switch to LED Light Bulbs for Hotel and Hospitality

Luxurious Light. Effortless convenience. Sharp investment. 

The right hotel lighting can mean all the difference for a guest – between feeling at home and feeling far from familiar comforts. Creating a welcoming environment while cutting energy and costs is a difficult balance to maintain, especially when aiming to earn the reputation of an inviting green hotel.

 LED bulbs are a brilliant solution to today’s hotel needs. These hotel light bulbs are easily installed as a direct replacement for an incandescent or CFL. LED bulbs meld technology with breakthrough thinking to make a reliable and convenient energy-saving option. Our UL rated bulbs last 25,000 hours, slashing the time and expense of regular maintenance. Our hospitality LED lighting produces incandescent-quality light using only a fraction of the energy and cost, so they make both the hotel and its finances look great.


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