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SWITCH LED Light Bulbs for Outdoor Use

Rugged construction. Brilliant light. Smart Savings.


Great lighting isn’t just a concern for artistic design– it’s also vital for illuminating the outdoors. SWITCH bulbs are designed to safely light up the outdoors as beautifully as standard incandescents. Whether it enhances the beauty of an outdoor space or the safety of a walkway, a SWITCH bulb outperforms its predecessors, turning on instantly to radiate bright warm light, even in cold temperatures. It emits no UV rays and attracts no bothersome bugs. But it still attracts attention – its clear glass globe and metallic base look stunning inside of canisters or fixtures, or left bare in the socket.

A complement to its rugged good looks, the SWITCH bulb is prepared to handle the hazards of the outdoors – it’s intelligently crafted to work in the cold, wet rated to withstand the elements, and efficiently cooled for impressive performance in the outdoors. SWITCH bulbs are durable and reliable, alleviating concerns about breakage and maintenance.

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