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SWITCH LED Light Bulbs for Restaurants

Appealing glow. Delectable design. Flawless performance.

Restaurants are where people like to look good and to love the sight of their food – so getting the lighting right is essential. Creating an inviting ambiance while keeping energy costs at a minimum requires a combination of artistry, skill, and the right restaurant light bulbs for the job.

SWITCH LED light bulbs enhance restaurant environments with warm, evenly dispersed light that makes customers feel welcome and relaxed. Our restaurant light bulbs radiate light that flatters both diners and dishes by emitting the optimal color temperature. To set the perfect tone for a dining experience, SWITCH LED light bulbs can be dimmed, offering more control over the space. Our bulbs can be used wherever a standard A19 is used, in any orientation. The bulbs themselves make an attractive accent to a restaurant’s décor – with a modern metallic base and elegant glass globe available in both clear and frosted, a SWITCH bulb doesn’t need to be hidden inside a covered fixture.

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