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EarthLED ValuLux™ Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

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The Most Affordable Family of Dimmable LED Lamps.

Since we introduced our EarthLED lamps to the world in 2007, Advanced Lumonics has listened to passionate requests from customers asking for LED technology that works with dimmer switches and dimming home automation systems. 

The result was LumiSelect™, the first LED complete line of LED lighting that can be used with standard dimmer switches. LumiSelect™ represented a true breakthrough in energy saving lighting technology that allows the placement of LEDs in applications that were never before possible. ValuLux™ lamps borrow the class leading dimming technology pioneered by the LumiSelect™ line and combine it in a cost effective solution that everyone can afford. ValuLux™ lamps are offered in a full range of lamp types, from MR-16 to PAR38 with more applications coming soon.

How Did We Do It?

If you've ever tried to use LEDs or even most CFL's with dimmer switches before you'll know they only function at the fully on or 100% power position. Since these lamps lack any sort of advanced circuitry to allow them to operate with dimmers, many have been forced to keep expensive to run, incandescents in these fixtures.

Thanks to an advanced power control circuit design, ValuLux™ lamps with LumiSelect™ technology  are different; they function with standard incandescent dimmers just as normal incandescents do by allowing full linear dimming control. ValuLux™ lamps contain the high performance, value oriented SemiLED LED engine technology ensuring amazing lighting output as well as efficient, cost effective operation.

Now with LumiSelect™  V2 Dimming Technology

NEW! LumiSelect™ V2 Dimming Technology offers the smoothest most compatible dimming with the widest range.


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