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Cree Sets Performance Standard with Introduction of Next Generation LED Canopy Series

Latest Innovation Delivers Unique Combination of Increased Performance at a Lower Initial Cost

Cree announces a breakthrough innovation in canopy LED lighting with the introduction of the CPY250 canopy and soffit lighting series. Consuming 75 percent less energy than the MH (Metal Halide) systems it’s designed to replace and 5-15 percent less energy with more than 35 percent increased performance compared to competing higher-cost LED luminaires, the new CPY Series delivers exceptional visual environments across a range of canopy applications including gas stations, bank drive-through ATMs and hotel/airport drop-off centers.

“Canopy operators are under constant pressure to lower operating costs while simultaneously providing safe and visually appealing lighting,” said Greg Merritt, vice president, lighting at Cree. “The new CPY Series, with its slim, low-profile design, is the perfect upgrade solution. The high-performance LED luminaires not only outperform existing LED and MH solutions but also enable the lowest total cost of ownership objectives to be achieved.”

A canopy installation with Cree® CPY250 luminaires can deliver a payback period of less than two years as compared to the antiquated MH recessed and surface-mount solutions.* The new series delivers increased value not only through an affordable initial cost, but also throughout the life of the installation – offering extremely low energy consumption and low operating expense.

Available in both flat and prismatic drop lens, the CPY250 provides two illumination aesthetics to meet the visual, as well as the vertical and horizontal illumination performance needs of a typical canopy application. The CPY250 can seamlessly mount to virtually any canopy deck and is secured in place with self-sealing screws that provide a reliable water-tight seal. The integrated driver within the canopy housing further simplifies installation, reducing installation time and cost. The new canopy series also features Cree’s industry leading 10-year limited warranty.

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CREE CPY250 Series

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