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EarthLED Price Match Guarantee

When We Say The Best Pricing...We Mean It.

EarthLED will match the price if you find a lower price on an identical, advertised and available product at a competitors online or retail store. 

The guarantee does not apply to: competitors prices that include financing, bundling of items, free items, pricing errors, mail-in offers, competitors' service prices, items that are advertised as limited-quantity, out of stock, open-box, clearance, refurbished/used items, items that are counterfeit, non-branded, imitation or items with point of sale power provider rebates. Special pricing provided for membership programs will require proof of membership.

How do I show "proof" of price?

The best way to show proof of price is to show us a link to or scan of a competitors current ad. We may call the competitor's retail store or customer service line to verify the lower price and availability of the item.


What if the competitor does not have the item in stock or has limited quantities of the product?

Sometimes a retailer will advertise a product as having limited quantities in stock. If the item is out of stock or the competitor has advertised as limited quantities of an item, it is not eligible for price matching. Likewise, if EarthLED has a product that is advertised as being limited in quantity it will not be eligible for price matching.

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