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Perfect Colors and Whites. Perfect Beam. Simply Perfect Light...

Perfect Spectrum Light

What do we mean by “perfect spectrum” in man-made light sources? Most of us think of daylight when we think of the perfect light source. Daylight does provide beautiful light, but must be constantly mitigated, as it contains harmful ultraviolet radiation, and can be overpoweringly bright and glaring. A perfect spectrum contains only the wavelengths visible to us- no ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) radiation. This makes it both beautiful and efficient, as energy is not wasted producing unnecessary heat or unbalanced amounts of light in different parts of the spectrum.

Perfect Colors

When light sources with low color rendering capabilities are compared side by side with perfect spectrum light sources, the difference is dramatic. Soraa Vivid lamps, with 95 CRI and 95 R9, render parts of the spectrum missing from first generation Low CRI LEDs, such as deep reds, cyans, and violet. Many of the things that are most important to us in our environment- faces, food, fabrics, furniture, and finishes- contain complex colors that don’t look quite right unless they are lit with full spectrum light containing these essential colors.

Perfect Whites

An often overlooked characteristic of light sources is their ability to render white, arguably as important as color rendering. Soraa’s GaN on GaN technology provides a full-spectrum light source, with continuous emission from violet through deep red. The violet emission properly excites the fluorescing agents present in fabrics and fibers and renders white materials properly, just like they were designed for under natural light sources such as incandescence and sunlight.

Perfect Beam

Most lamps have irregular beam patterns with many artifacts and poor center-to-edge color consistency. So when choosing an LED MR16 lamp, it’s important to evaluate all the features of usable light, including Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP), field, beam shape, and color over angle. Only Soraa’s LED MR16 lamp delivers a perfect circular beam, with the right amount of CBCP and field, minimal spill, soft transitions and high center-to-edge color consistency.

Beautiful Design

Soraa's MR16 lamp, winner of the red dot design award, is organized around a single very small, very bright LED light source combined with a single optic and heatsink. The organic fin geometry heatsink has a tiny core and more fins at the edge, maximizing heat transfer out of the lamp. The "Origami" electronic circuit, designed with components used in automotive and other extreme temperature environments, can tolerate and dissipate significantly more heat than other LED lamps.

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