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Learn More: SORAA VP3 Natural White


Violet light resides at the tail of the visible spectrum, and most of the time we do not think too much about it. After all, we were all taught that red, green, and blue makes white light. So we hardly noticed when blue-based LEDs killed violet.

But color scientists have long known that violet light plays an all-important role in our perception of another color – white. White in all its shades is ubiquitous in our environment. Whites convey the emotional meaning of clarity, brightness, and space. Manufacturers and marketers strive to create ever whiter whites. And the color of light that allows us to see true whites is violet.

Soraa offers a solution that is radical in its simplicity. Simply Perfect Whites. VP₃ NATURAL WHITE.


Our perception of whiteness is strongly influenced by the presence of fluorescent whitening agents in both natural objects (like teeth), and manufactured objects (like clothing and paints). These whitening agents are excited by the violet content in visible light, which our historical light sources – daylight, incandescents, and halogens - have contained. Thus, we live in a world with infinite shades of whiteness, determined by the level of fluorescence in each object.

Increasing adoption of blue-based LEDs now threatens this nuanced world. With their complete lack of violet content, peer-reviewed academic research shows that blue-based LEDs wash out the differences between whites. Bright or creamy, all whites look the same, yellowish and dull, and we lose the ability to tell one from the other.

The same research shows that with Soraa’s violet-based LEDs, whiteness choices are as clear as the day.

Soraa’s very efficient GaN on GaN™ LEDs have enabled us to make some unique choices. We have used the leeway this efficiency gives us, not only to provide more lumens per electrical watt, but also to tune our LED to emit light in the violet range of wavelengths, 400nm to 440nm.

Unlike blue LEDs whose emission starts at 430nm, Soraa’s spectral emission begins at 400nm, providing all the fluorescent excitation needed to discriminate clearly between shades of white. However, unlike more traditional sources of light, Soraa’s products emit no harmful ultra-violet light.

This technology is Violet-Emission 3-Phosphor, or VP₃, and the whiteness rendering it creates is VP₃ NATURAL WHITE. Bring back the whites in your world.

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