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SORAA VP3 Vivid Color


In the past century, a parade of energy-efficient lighting technologies have held out the promise of earth-friendly light. But in this rush to energy-efficiency, we’ve forgotten something very basic: color is as ancient and as important as light.

Humans understand color – in the million years we’ve walked the earth, our eyes, our brains, and our bodies have learned what perfect, full-spectrum light means. Our behaviors, our emotional well-being, and our human interactions depend on seeing colors as we are meant to see them.

When all the technological complexity is said and done, Soraa offers you simplicity. Simply Perfect Light. Energy efficient AND true in every color of the rainbow. VP₃ VIVID COLOR.


This ignores the importance of color rendering: do your colors appear as they would in natural, full-spectrum light? At the most basic level, color rendering of a light source is defined by CRI, which uses a defined set of 8 pastel colors and measures how true-to-natural they appear when illuminated by the source. Since most of us do not live in a pastel world, a practical and meaningful extension of CRI is to include deep colors, in particular a 9th color, red, whose rendering is defined by the metric R9.
Many lighting technologies, including blue-based LEDs, have reduced quality of light to the starkness of color temperature. In that world, your choice of white light simply comes down to: warm white or cool?

Soraa abandons this one-color-at-a-time approach in favor of a unified idea. A continuous spectrum, in which all colors – pastels, vivids, and everything in between - appear as they are meant to be.

Soraa’s technology rests on the simple idea that natural visible light starts at violet at ends at red. Translating the idea to numbers, great color rendering requires light to have the right amount of spectral content in every wavelength from 400nm to 700nm.

We start with a GaN-on-GaN™ powered LED that emits violet light at a peak frequency between 410 and 420nm, not blue light like all other LEDs. We then use a three-phosphor mix, containing a blue, a green, and a red phosphor, which progressively reduce the frequency of the light so that it covers the entire range down to 700nm, or deep red. When we are done, we’ve created a full-visible-spectrum, continuous and unbroken from violet (400nm) to red (700nm).

This technology is Violet-Emission 3-Phosphor, or VP₃, and the color rendering it creates is VP₃ VIVID COLOR. With this, we create our Soraa VIVID product series. CRI-95, R9-95, and much more.

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