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Coming Soon...SWITCH LED Light Bulbs

In Stock and Available now:

The SWITCH bulb demonstrates the way an everyday object can be elevated into art. Carefully crafted with an industrial aesthetic, our bulb is so good–looking that it might steal some of the spotlight. The brightest idea in light bulbs in over 100 years. 

The SWITCH light bulb is a remarkable piece of digital technology. Powered by a unique driver, and tricked out with the most technically advanced cooling system, this is not your grandfather's light bulb. All this, and it's just as easy to screw in. The shape of inspired thinking. The sculpted curves of the SWITCH bulb don't only look good – they're also highly functional. With a metal base that disperses heat and an intelligent system that continually monitors the bulb's temperature, our LEDs never get too hot – allowing them to last for thousands of hours. 

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