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XLEDIA LED Features and Advantages

LED To The Power of X. 

Introducing XLEDIA LED Light Bulbs, the first series of LED bulbs suitable for fully enclosed fixtures. XLEDIA X and D series incorporate technologies and advances from high-end semi-conductor manufacturing to enable an LED bulb series exceptional performance in any application.

Key Features


  • First And Only Directional LED Suitable for Fully Enclosed Fixtures
  • Thermal Tunneling Resistance (TTR) Technology
  • Extremely Light Weight -  30% to 50% lighter than most LED bulbs
  • High Efficiency Power Circuitry -  > .99% power factor
  • >40,000 Hour Life Expectancy
Thermal Tunneling Resistance Technology = LED Bulbs For Fully Enclosed Fixtures.

Unlike most LED Bulbs which carry a strong warning about using the bulb in a fully enclosed fixture, X and D Series LED Bulbs are different. Thanks to a Thermal Tunneling Resistance (TTR) Technology, X and D Series LED Bulbs can be used in fully enclosed environments. TTR creates a thermal tunneling effect to enhance air particles to tunnel through the heat sink and to carry out more heat generated by LED emitters. It also reduces the weight of a bulb, up to 50% lighter, and improves the cooling efficiency up to 60 degrees F (15C) cooler. 

Thermal Imaging Camera Shot of X Series Compared to other LED Bulbs
Advanced Construction with High performance Materials

In the LED industry, aluminum substrates are generally used to heat sink LED diodes. The thermal conductivity of these substrates is very high, due to the electrically isolated layer in the aluminum substrates. XLEDIA developed high thermal conductive materials such as aluminum nitride and beryllium oxide to be applied on substrates. These materials can effectively conduct heat generated by LED diodes to significantly enhance the total performance.
Tested For The Toughest Environments

All X and D series bulbs have passed a grueling test in which the bulb is operated in a sealed chamber at 140F (60C), 90% moisture, for 1000 hours. This level of testing ensures that X and D Series bulbs can operate in even the toughest environments to be found on earth.

X or D Series: Which is right for Me?

Choose X series if you are looking for a directional or directed light pattern such as in a downlight or in directed track lighting. Choose D series if you are looking for omni-directional 360 degree light such as in a table lamp or fixture that uses a globe or lamp shade.

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