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CREE LBR-30-GU24 - 12 Watt LED BR30 - 25 Degree Flood - GU24 Base - 2700K

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  • CREE LBR-30-GU24 - 12 Watt LED BR30 - 25 Degree Flood - GU24 Base - 2700K

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  • CREE LBR-30: Beauty and Efficiency Brought to Light.

    Best-in-class LED performance for a true no-compromise retail and accent lighting solution.


    • Equivalent to 60 Watt BR30
    • 600 Lumens, 12 Watts
    • 94 CRI @ 2700K
    • 25 Degree beam angle

    The LBR-30 is an amazing combination of technical innovations, including breakthroughs in optical design, electronics design, mechanical design, and thermal management. The core of the innovation is a new way to generate white light with LEDs.

    Designed to replace BR30 lamps, the LBR-30 provides higher efficacy and longer life than ceramic metal halide with the beautiful light quality that you would expect from halogen. The LBR-30 is a great solution for directional lighting in many applications, like museums, furniture stores, grocery and retail stores, to name a few.

    Exceptional Light Quality

    Powered with Cree TrueWhite® Technology, both the LBR-30 lamps deliver an industry-leading 94 CRI. The superior color accuracy of each lamp draws out the natural beauty of merchandise, furnishings, and food to increase the visual comfort of your space and enhance your customers’ overall experience. 

    Best-In-Class Efficiency

    Lower your lighting bills with two of the most energy efficient products on the market. The CREE LBR-30 lamps produce light output equal to incumbent products while saving you money in energy costs compared to traditional incandescent lighting. 

    Unique Optical Approach

    The LBR-30 lamp uses a unique optical design that ensures the pixelation and direct view of unshielded LEDs are eliminated. A precisely formed specular reflector accurately redirects light within a tightly controlled beam and an innovative beam enhancer redirects scattered light while concealing LEDs from view. These optical designs allow the projection of smooth light patterns without hot spots and minimal striations, enabling the observer to focus on the illuminant and not the light source. 

    Long Lasting, Low Maintenance 

    Both the LRP-38 and LBR-30 lamps are designed to last at least 50,000 hours— that’s over 13 years with 10 hours of daily use. This not only eliminates unsightly outages, it also amounts to big savings as you cut out the expense of replacement bulbs and labor. 

    Easy Installation and Dimmable 

    Designed for new construction and retrofit, both lamps simply screw into new or existing recessed housings or track fixtures for easy installation. They also light up instantly and are dimmable down to 20% with any electronic low voltage dimmer, making them ideal for a variety of applications. 

    Energy Star Qualified: Rebates May Be Available In Your Area!

    Unprecedented Benefit and Value

    Save Energy

    • 12 Watts
    • Equivalent to 60W BR30 
    • 50 lumens per Watt

    Sacrifice Nothing

    • 600 lumens
    • 25 and 50 Degree Beam Angles
    • 94 CRI
    • 2700K
    • Dimmable to 20% via Electronic Low-Voltage Dimmer

    Reduce Maintenance Costs

    • Designed to last 50,000 hours (open)
    • Designed to last 35,000 hours (non-IC) 

    Protect the Environment

    • Long life, energy savings
    • No mercury

    Many Applications:

    • General Illumination
    • Track Applications
    • Downlighting
    • Wall Washing
    • Security Lighting
    • Residential Lighting
    • Commercial Lighting
    • Retail Store Lighting
  • EarthLED Total Product Insight
    Performance Specifications
    Replacement for: BR30
    Brightness: 600 lumens
    Color Temperature: 2700K (Warm White)
    Color Accuracy (CRI): 94
    Traditional Wattage Equivalent: 60 Watts
    Power Consumption: 12 Watts
    Voltage: 120 Volts
    Dimmable: Yes (Electronic Low-Voltage)
    Moisture Rating: Dry
    Fixture Rating: Open / Not Fully Enclosed
    Base Type: GU24
    Dimensions / Additional Data
    Bulb Diameter: 4.25 in
    Maximum Overall Length: 5.5 in
    Certifications: UL
    Product/Order Code: LBR-30-GU24
    Lifespan / Cost To Run
    Projected Life:
    @3 hrs/Day
    50,000 Hrs
    Yearly Energy Cost:
    3 hrs/Day @ .11 kWh
    Warranty 5 Year CREE Limited Warranty
    EarthLED Product Protection Plan is Available

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