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CREE LED Bulb - 18 Watt - 100 Watt Equal

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  • CREE LED Bulb - 18 Watt - 100 Watt Equal 5.0 12

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  • CREE 100 Watt LED Bulb: The Biggest Thing Since the Light Bulb.™

    Cree LED bulbs look like a light bulb, go on instantly like a light bulb, emit the warm glow of a light bulb and dim like a light bulb. But very much unlike them, all Cree LED bulbs last 25 times longer and use up to 85% less energy. Progress marches on.

    Its non-weird shape emits non-weird light.

    It looks and works like what it is. A light bulb. And the light it emits is warm and flattering. So your home feels homey, and you look pretty good in it.

    Shouldn’t an LED bulb cost less than the lamp holding it?

    The Cree LED bulb is not only budget-friendly, it’s at least 84% more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs. It pays for itself and then pays you for years to come. Because if we’re going to make technology that improves people’s lives, it’s nice if they can actually afford it.

    Lasts 25 times longer. So yes, it is the light bulb of the future.

    A Cree LED bulb gives you 25,000 hours of light, as opposed to the 1,000 hours you get from a typical incandescent bulb. You have better things to do with your time than change light bulbs.

    What makes them great?

    • A-type bulb style (weighs 5.8oz. and uses a standard E26 screw-in base.)
    • Save money now and save money later. Uses at least 84% less energy than an incandescent.
    • Built to light and last.
    • Cree LED Filament Tower™ Technology.
    The genius idea inside that powers our omni-directional, all-around light.
    • 25,000-hour lifetime compared to about 1,000 hours for typical incandescent.
    • Perfect for indoor and outdoor lighting. (Damp Rated)
    • Dimmable with most standard dimmers. Give the electrician the day off.
    • Instant-on light.
    • Mercury free.

  • EarthLED Total Product Insight
    Performance Specifications
    Replacement for: A21
    Brightness (Lumens): 1600
    Color Temperature: 2700K | 5000K
    Color Accuracy (CRI): 80
    Traditional Wattage Equivalent: 100 Watts
    Power Consumption: 18W
    Voltage: 120 Volts
    Dimmable: Yes (See Compatibility List)
    Moisture Rating: Damp
    Fixture Rating: Open Not Fully Enclosed
    Base Type: E26
    EnergyStar Qualified: Pending
    Dimensions / Additional Data
    Bulb Diameter: 2.675 in (actual diameter; CREE error in spec sheet)
    Maximum Overall Length: 5 in
    Product Weight: 6.0 ounces
    Certifications: UL
    Product/Order Code:
    2700K - A21-100W-27K-B1 ( BA21-16027OMF-12DE26-1U110)
    5000K - A21-100W-50K-B1 (BA21-16050OMF-12DE26-1U110)
    Lifespan / Cost To Run
    Projected Life:
    @3 hrs/Day
    25,000 Hrs
    Yearly Energy Cost:
    3 hrs/Day @ .11 kWh
    Warranty 3 Year CREE Limited Warranty
    EarthLED Product Protection Plan is Available

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