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Definity Digital MyNature LED Grow Light

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  • Introducing the MY NATURE LED GROW LIGHT

    Wouldn’t you love to grow and eat fresh produce from your garden all year long – even the dreariest days of winter? You can with our MyNature Grow LED light bulb. It provides the light your plants need for every phase of growth – from seedling to flowering to fruiting. So you can enjoy fresh-tasting crops in every season.

    How Light Affects Plant Growth

    Plants need light to grow. But natural sunlight isn’t always available. That’s where LED lights come in. They can be used in greenhouse settings alone or as a supplement to natural light. With our MyNature Grow LED light bulb, you get to play Mother Nature. You control the hours of day vs. night – no more worrying about sunlight availability and weather. We hope you don’t let all that power go to your head.


    The MyNature LED Grow lamp is an energy efficient and spectrally optimized lighting solution for a variety of horticultural lighting applications including homeowner/hobbyist, greenhouse, and growth chamber. The lamp optimizes delivered photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) to maximize plant growth at an unmatched PAR efficacy compared to other LED grow lamps. Our MyNature Grow LED light bulb improves the quality and quantity of your harvest so you can:

    No need for frequent replanting

    Enjoy fresh-tasting crops during the winter

    Harvest all year long 


    • Provides the most appropriate light for each phase of growth
    • Available in blue/red (purple) and white light spectrums
    • Burns cool, reducing cooling and watering costs
    • Lasts an average of 50,000 hours
    • Fits standard light bulb sockets. No tools or apps required


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    13 Watts Power Consumption
    Delivered PAR Output - 21.70 μmol / s (Broad Spectrum) | 22.40 μmol / s (Blue/Red Spectrum)
    Physical Dimensions - 5.01 in L x 4.74 in W
    Warranty - 5 Year Limited Warranty (EarthLED Protection Plan Available)

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