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Definity Digital Good Night

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  • Give your baby a good night sleep with the new Sleepy Baby Bulb!

    Introducing the GOOD NIGHT BULB

    Want a better night’s sleep? Did you know the light bulb that’s been in your bedroom lamp since…well…forever just might be getting in the way of your body making melatonin – the hormone that helps you fall asleep? Many people spend $200 a year on sleeping pills, or up to $1200 on sleep therapy. It’s time for a better solution. The Good Night LED light bulb originally developed for NASA astronauts on the International Space Station, lets melatonin do its thing. So when you’re ready to sleep, your body is too.

    Definity Digital Good Night Light

    How Light Affects Sleep

    Light is white, right? Think again. It’s actually a rainbow of colors. You need to know about blue light. That old lamp uses it. Electronics such as TVs, computers and mobile devices do too. What does blue light do? It tells your body not to make melatonin – the hormone that helps you fall asleep. Our Good Night LED light bulbs get rid of more than half of the blue. But they still look white. Cool, huh?


    The proprietary LED source works with your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Other lights are more disruptive and don’t support natural melatonin production. Our Good Night LED light bulb lets melatonin do its thing so you can:

    Say "bye bye" to sleeping pills

    And "hello" morning

    Give your circadian rhythms a steady beat


    • Filters the blue light that gets in melatonin’s way
    • Only biologically corrected white LED light bulb available today
    • Fits standard light bulb sockets. No tools or apps required
    • Lasts up to 50 times longer than traditional bulbs
    • Dimmable to 5% on most light dimmers


    12 Watts Power Consumption
    800 Lumens (60 Watt Equal)
    2500K Color Temperature
    Weight - 4.9 oz
    Physical Dimensions - 4.39 in L x 2.53 in W
    Warranty - 5 Year Limited Warranty (EarthLED Protection Plan Available)

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