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ORBneXt - Realtime Ambient Desktop Data Display Device

ORBneXt - Realtime Ambient Desktop Data Display Device
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  • ORBneXt - Realtime Ambient Desktop Data Display Device

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  • ORBneXt is an always-on, realtime desktop data display device. It connects to your home or work internet via Wi-Fi and allows you to track a virtually endless array of information. ORBneXt allows you to visualize important information with colors providing instant knowledge at a glance. For example:

    Cold Weather approaching: ORBneXt glows blue
    DOW is up: ORBneXt glows green

    We've even given the ORBneXt the ability to glow a color of your choosing to set the mood or just have fun.

    Setting up the ORBneXt couldn't be easier. Simply position the orb over your smartphone and in seconds ORBneXt is connected to your wireless network. No gateway, no bluetooth, no private networks, just plug,

    Total Control.
    This is where it really gets interesting. After your ORBneXt is connected to your wireless network, it becomes a glancable window into your world of information. Use our iPhone or Android or Web application to display popular presets such as stocks, weather, sports or even your choice ambient mood lighting colors.

    Best of all, the OrbNext integrates with IFTTT to provide virtually limitless flexibility to build custom notifications or monitor other internet enabled devices on your network.

    Useful Elegance
    ORBneXt looks amazing either at home or work.

    Premium Glass Body
    Luminaire quality Japanese glass has perfect optical qualities allowing for a beautiful look in any light or environment.

    Compact Size is just right
    The compact dimensions of ORBneXt allow you to place it anywhere.

    Made in USA
    ORBneXT is proudly made and assembled in The USA.

    Beauty and Brains
    Our Mainboard is populated by the ElectricIMP, a powerful module containing WiFi and a Cortex M3 processor that acts as the gateway to connect ORBneXt to the Internet, providing it with a brain in the cloud. We then added 10 powerful CREE Multicolor LEDs to provide a brilliant and powerful colors in any light.

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