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  • Read our SWITCH100 (4000K) First Look Article

    The brightest idea in light bulbs in over 100 years.


    • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Industry leading lifetime warranty for Residential Use (5 Years Commercial).
    • INCANDESCENT QUALITY LIGHT: The same light distribution and performance as an incandescent.
    • EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN: Stunning visual design that looks as good off as it does on, all within the standard A form factor.
    • INDUSTRY LEADING THERMAL MANAGEMENT: Liquid cooling that is up to 40% more efficient than standard air-cooled lamps.
    • IMPRESSIVE ROI: With a payback as rapid as 6 months, the SWITCH100 LED lightbulb uses 80% less energy and last 25 times longer than an incandescent.
    • BRILLIANT DIMMING: Can be used with a wide variety of dimmers.
    • COMPLETE FUNCTIONALITY: Instant on, operates in any orientation and with a wide variety of fixtures, including recessed and fully enclosed applications, without compromising bulb life or light performance.
    • FULLY CERTIFIED: UL/cUL listed for damp use. Certified to comply with FCC CFR 47 Part 15.
    • ECO FRIENDLY: Reduced energy consumption, lasts thousands of hours, and is free of hazardous materials.

    Light Quality

    Fed up with ugly eco-friendly bulbs that give off harsh, unflattering light? So are we. With a SWITCH bulb, you can be energy conscious and still enjoy the soft, warm glow of the light bulbs you grew up with.

    The first LED bulb you'll want to live with. The SWITCH bulb was made to match your lifestyle. It fits into your existing sockets and can be used most anywhere you would use a standard incandescent. Use it in any orientation – up, down, or sideways – for uniform light anywhere you need it.

    A light to fit your mood. The SWITCH bulb lets you set the tone for any atmosphere you want to create – it can be used with most dimmers, so that you can dial things up or down. Best of all, it casts a generous glow that flatters every skin tone. Our bulbs make you look great.


    A SWITCH bulb isn't a commodity – it's an asset. We designed our light bulbs to use minimal energy and last a long time, making them a worthwhile investment. Getting more out than you put in makes this relationship a keeper.

    The bulb that pays for itself – and then some. Save energy, and make money by getting back an average of $150 over the lifetime of each bulb. With its self-cooling technology, the SWITCH bulb dramatically reduces energy consumption by requiring only a fraction of the power used by an incandescent. That converts to extra cash for you.

    A light that won't drain your energy. The SWITCH bulb has an average lifespan of 25,000 hours – so you'll rarely have to replace it. Performing a ladder–top balancing act to change a bulb doesn't have to be on your regular to–do list. Think how much more you can accomplish when you leave your lighting to SWITCH.


    When we set out to design a bulb worthy of replacing the incandescent, we knew we had our work cut out for us. We designed the SWITCH bulb to use resources responsibly, making a positive impact on the lighting world and the planet.
    Change your light bulbs, not your life. The SWITCH bulb allows you to consume less energy without changing your lifestyle. It may seem like a small change, but reduced demand for power lessens the need for new power plants, and creates a lighter footprint on the environment. Who knew that doing good could be so effortless?
    The bulb that has it all – minus mercury. The mercury contained in other energy-efficient bulbs may pose a threat to you when they break, and to the earth when it comes time to dispose of them. Bask in the glow of a SWITCH bulb without worrying about chemical emissions. Responsibility never looked so good.



    Flawless performance in every orientation and virtually all fixtures. SWITCH LED light bulbs can be used in any orientation and with a wide variety of fixture styles, including recessed ceiling fixtures, ceiling flush-mounts, and even totally enclosed luminaires. 

    Dependable assembly that suits any environment. Rugged construction and a UL damp rating make the SWITCH LED bulb a perfect fit for most applications, from indoors to out. Our bulbs perform well in a temperature range of -4°F TO 113°F (-20°C to 45°C) and don't attract bugs, because they don't produce any UV rays.

    An investment that delivers big returns. SWITCH LED light bulbs use a fraction of the energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs — slashing both electric bills and maintenance costs. With a typical payback period of less than six months, re-lamping with our bulbs makes great business sense.


    The SWITCH bulb demonstrates the way an everyday object can be elevated into art. Carefully crafted with an industrial aesthetic, our bulb is so good–looking that it might steal some of the spotlight.

    The brightest idea in light bulbs in over 100 years. The SWITCH light bulb is a remarkable piece of digital technology. Powered by a unique driver, and tricked out with the most technically advanced cooling system, this is not your grandfather's light bulb. All this, and it's just as easy to screw in.

    The shape of inspired thinking. The sculpted curves of the SWITCH bulb don't only look good – they're also highly functional. With a metal base that disperses heat and an intelligent system that continually monitors the bulb's temperature, our LEDs never get too hot – allowing them to last for thousands of hours.


  • EarthLED Total Product Insight
    Performance Specifications
    Replacement for: A21
    Brightness (Lumens): 1600
    Color Temperature 3000K | 4000K
    Color Accuracy (CRI): 80
    Traditional Wattage Equivalent: 100 Watts
    Power Consumption: 20.5 (3000K Frosted) | 20 (4000K Clear)
    Voltage: 120 Volts
    Dimmable: Yes 
    Moisture Rating: Damp
    Fixture Rating: Fully Enclosed
    Base Type: E26
    EnergyStar Qualified: No
    Dimensions / Additional Data
    Bulb Diameter: 2.3 in
    Maximum Overall Length: 4.9 in
    Product Weight: 10.6 Ounces
    Certifications: UL
    Product/Order Code: SWITCH100 A21 
    Lifespan / Cost To Run
    Projected Life:
    @3 hrs/Day
    25,000 Hrs
    Yearly Energy Cost:
    3 hrs/Day @ .11 kWh
    $2.47 | $2.41


    Dimmer Compatibility:


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